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Tone Healing is balancing of your body, lightbody and soul in the new energy

I am Tone Isabella Fryd, velcome to my website Tone Healing ©

I have always been a healer and began working more consciously as a healer at the age of 33 in 1998

I have developed and created my own healing form

together with the masters, angels and guides I and my soul co creates with

it is called TONE HEALING©

On this website your can find more information

about my book New Energy Balancing which basically is Tone Healing in a book.

You will also find the Wisdom Cards I have co created a deck of 44 cards with images and divine messages

There is a page all about Tone Healing, Singing your name and House/space cleaning

A page with with meditations, songs and music.

Do you need a soulbath click on the image with that name.

And click on ArtbyFryd and there is art and jewellery I also created.

Please click on one of the images below and a new page appears, the title reveals what is hiding underneath.

All here is created with love and for you to remember who you are, enjoy.

Tone Healing v/Tone Isabella Fryd Pedersen - Østre Hovvej 31 - 4520 Svinninge - 6167 7970

CVR nr.: 27845436 - Pay Pal: tonefryd@yahoo.dk - mobilepay: 61677970

Bank reg: 3409 konto: 0011523978

Alt materiale og billeder på denne hjemmeside tilhører Tone Healing v/Tone Isabella Fryd Pedersen.

Intet materiale må kopieres, overføres, gengives eller tages uden skriftlig tilladelse fra Tone Isabella Fryd Pedersen.